MY DRAP is more than a napkin to wipe your face with. To prove it, we bring you ten fun and creative ways to upcycle your reusable napkin. As we say, it’s the details that make all the difference, and the amount of use you can get from a single roll certainly proves it!

1. As coasters for your drinks!


Our cocktail napkins are a lovely companion to your afternoon or evening beverage. Shop our custom selection for a monogrammed set of napkins that are sure to wow your guests, everytime!

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2. As an elegant pocket square

The perfect way to polish off a sharp suit? A coordinated pocket square. Shop our selection of colored and patterned luncheon napkins for a pocket square that matches your suit or personality! View this handy video for some pocket square folding inspiration.

3. As a classy way to plate your desserts!

Our napkins look beautiful elegantly folded under your delicious desserts. Below is a perfect example of how the legendary boulangers at Pierre Hermé use our napkins to plate their stunning desserts. Simple and yet oh so elegant!

4. As stunning liners for your ice cream or cotton candy cones!


Elevate your next ice cream or dessert party by wrapping your MY DRAP napkin around your cones for an effortlessly beautiful presentation!


5. As a table runner!


Our placemats are the perfect size for a table runner. Plus, they come in a roll so all you have to do is roll them out according to the length of your table, and tear off the serrated edge!

6. Adorable DIY patchwork throw pillows!

Got some spare napkins lying around in various colors? Follow this easy DIY for the perfect living room or bedroom accent!

7. As gift wrap for the perfect hostess gift!


Lay your MY DRAP dinner napkin or placemat flat and place any bottle, candle, or jar you’d like to gift in the center. Simply gather up the four corners around it and secure with a piece of twine or ribbon for the cutest hostess gift.

8. As adorable covers for your jams or preserves


All you need is some twine, and you got yourself the most practical and adorable way to store homemade jams or preserves. Use varying napkin sizes depending on the circumference of your jars!

9. Jazzing up your clothes and accessories!


Add a pocket to children’s clothes or your outdated hand bag for an adorable and elevated look! Sew a napkin or two on an old denim jacket or pair of jeans for a cool patchwork design. The accessorizing possibilities are endless!

10. Dinner napkins as bandanas or head scarves!?


You heard it right! Our dinner napkins can be upcycled to adorable headbands and bandanas. Check out this tutorial for some hair inspiration.

You can also tie them around the handle of your handbag for an elegant and whimsical look! Here’s a handy tutorial!

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