So it’s Valentine’s Day and you’re single. We get it, the cheesy couples’ posts infiltrating your news feed can get tiresome and at times alienating. Well, we are here to tell you that Valentine’s Day doesn’t just have to be fun and memorable for those who are coupled up. Why not take it as an opportunity to celebrate all the love you have in your life, romantic or otherwise? Here are some ways you can create new Valentine’s Day traditions with friends, family, and your beautiful self!

Host a single’s only Valentine’s Day party!


Celebrate love by inviting all of your single friends for a Valentine’s dinner extraordinaire. Pop some champagne, cook an amazing dinner, and celebrate singlehood in style! You can even make it a potluck by having each of your friends their own favorite dish. To really prepare your tablescape for the occasion, why not decorate with some red and pink cotton serviettes and placemats from MY DRAP? Sprinkle heart-shaped confetti, light some candles, and place pink and red roses in the center for the perfect Valentine’s Day-approved tablescape!

Weekend getaway anyone?


Plan an exciting weekend escape or day trip for your close friends or family. Visit a scenic park or that hip new neighborhood you’ve always wanted to check out. Wineries typically offer discounted tours for couples or small groups at this time of year; this of course depends on the climate where you live. Or, if you’re feeling a little high maintenance and want to escape your local, cold climate- why not a romantic spa day or couples massage with a platonic friend or family member? If you’re single, it’s still important to make time for pampering you and your loved ones!

Valentine’s Day gift exchange, but make it platonic


Remember Valentine’s Day in elementary school? The entire class would exchange little cards and heart-shaped candies; they would bring a card/candy for every classmate so everyone felt equally as loved. It’s time to continue this tradition into adulthood! Gather all your single friends and make it a day of exchanging cute cards, chocolates, and gifts. You can do it Secret Santa style so that each friend has one person to buy a gift for (in which case the value of the gift could be higher), or have each friend buy a card and small token of love for every person at the party. Money doesn’t have to be a factor here- even just a card in which they write something they value about each friend is enough to make everyone feel cherished and loved!

A romantic dinner for your parents


When was the last time you made your parents feel loved and pampered? Now is the perfect opportunity to show them how much they mean to you. Make the affair homey and cozy by lighting a candle, opening a nice bottle of wine, and cooking them their favorite meal (takeout works too if you can’t cook- after all, it’s the thought that counts!). Or, make a reservation at their favorite restaurant and make it a romantic date for two. They will feel amazing and you will feel even better knowing you’re spreading the love!

Bake something sweet + invite your friends!


Valentine’s Day is the perfect occasion to try out a new dessert recipe. Bake that three-layer chocolate cake you’ve always wanted to try, or those cake pops that are way too overpriced at your local Starbucks. Pop a bottle of champagne or put on a pot of tea (depending on the time of day), and invite a group of fellow singles for a mini dessert and mingle soiree. Make the occasion extra special by serving your drinks and sweets on some beautiful Lipstick Red MY DRAP cocktail napkins. After all, everyone knows that dessert is always best when shared.

Make Valentine’s Day an excuse to pamper yourself


If you’re not up to socializing this Valentine’s Day, there’s nothing wrong with using it as a day to show yourself some extra TLC. Book yourself a massage, mani-pedi, blowout, or facial. Go to a boutique workout you’ve always wanted to try- whether it’s something intense like Barry’s Bootcamp, a spin class to really get the endorphins going, or something relaxing and uplifting like a yoga or pilates class. Or, stay at home and run a bath, do a face mask, and read a book you can get wrapped up in. Do something that will make you feel rejuvenated, refreshed, and deeper in love with you! That is what Valentine’s Day is all about. Why not use it as an occasion to pour more love into yourself rather than someone else?

Plan a date with your BFF


You don’t have to have a special someone to really feel the love. Grab your best friend, and plan a V-day date for two. Get dressed up, and try a fancy new restaurant that offers a Valentine’s Day menu with wine pairings. Make sure you follow it with some strawberries and chocolate fondue to make it a real celebration of best friend love (one of the best loves there is, in our opinion).

Buy you or a loved one flowers


A nice bouquet of flowers can lift anyone’s spirit! Buy some to spruce up your place, or give your grandparents and newly single pal a surprise bouquet with a heartwarming note.

Go to your favorite bar/hangout spot


Being single on Valentine’s Day means going to a place that makes you feel good. This could be your beloved local bar, restaurant, or a coffee shop with overall good vibes. Odds are, your favorite bar’s post-work happy hour will feature a ton of single people who are there for a good time. Strike up a conversation with the bartender or a stranger. Or, bring a book and just enjoy the atmosphere. Do what feels good for you.

Order pizza and marathon your fave movies/TV show

There is nothing better than tucking into a pizza slice and your favorite TV show- so why not make it a Valentine’s Day tradition? The Sopranos and a deep dish with extra cheese sounds like the perfect form of self-love to us. Make it an elevated experience with some themed MY DRAP cotton napkins for the perfect V-day treat!



Why not make Valentine’s Day a phone-free day as well? Don’t go down that rabbit hole of stalking your ex’s new flame, or scrolling through the endless couple photos clogging your feed. None of this will make you feel happy or confident. Why not buy a book to learn something new, tackle a new DIY project, or spend some time in nature instead? Remember that social media gives a very two–dimensional display of others’ lives. Don’t compare your behind-the-scenes to somebody else’s highlight reel. Remind yourself that you are lovable and worthy of love. This is your journey- make it one that is full of joy and self-discovery.


…..May we also remind you that all of that Valentine’s Day candy typically goes on sale the day after? Another sweet reminder to love yourself everyday, no matter the occasion. XOXO.