Weddings in autumn? A very widespread tendency in recent years. Dry leaves on the ground, good light for the photographs, the smell of damp earth… are elements that provide a lot of romanticism to autumn weddings.

Autumn has thus become a rival to spring, considered the season and landscape par
excellence of love. Traditionally, green, flowers and the sun have accompanied an
infinite number of weddings and have inspired many poets, as Antonio Machado
reflected in these lines from the poem “The spring kissed”:

Beneath this blossoming almond tree,
full of flowers
-I remembered- I had cursed
my youth without love.

Weddings in autumn, weddings in spring, weddings in summer… Whatever your choice, below we explain how to convert cotton napkins into a special and exclusive element for the decoration of weddings, for the decoration of YOUR wedding.

Placemat and cotton napkins, a touch of distinction

Although some people are not aware of it, fabrics are fundamental for decorating any space. A window without curtains is not a home. An uncared for table, without tablecloths or with any old napkin can even take away the diners’ appetite.

And when we think about decoration at weddings choosing a good tablecloth is an even more important decision, because everything is at stake in a meal, it is a special day and one in which there won’t be a second chance.

As we have mentioned in a previous post, the tablecloths not only cover the table but also dress it. Leaving the choice of tablecloth and napkins to chance is as if on the day of the wedding the bride would turn up in a T-shirt and any old trousers. On most occasions the bride focuses her attention on the wedding dress, her hairstyle, the bouquet, the rings… but in wedding decoration it is also important to think about the table, where tablecloths and napkins play a leading role.

As well as choosing the tablecloths and cotton napkins we are going to lay the table, and we should also think about how we are going to present the cotton napkins. Because, as we will see, it is no exaggeration to say that cotton napkins can become the distinctive touch, the note of colour, the detail you were seeking to turn this celebration into a unique moment.

How to customise our wedding with cotton napkins

MY DRAP • Cotton Napkins

Until a few years ago all weddings seemed the same: the bride dressed in white, the guests in suits, the banquet and ball in the restaurant… Luckily, today we attend a great variety of celebrations and, when it is ours, we can fit the wedding decoration to our personality. We thus give the guests a special and unique memory, a tiny bit of our very selves.

Below we give you some ideas for choosing the best cotton napkins for decorating weddings, taking into account some of the types of more common weddings. The most discerning brides and grooms will also find ideas to convert the wedding banquet into an unforgettable experience thanks to the cotton napkins.

Weddings in autumn

Autumn is a period in which colour takes on a special importance. The natural landscapes are transformed into an endless range of reds, oranges and yellows. You can imprint this autumnal atmosphere onto the banquet with cotton napkins in cream, sand, ochre, Bordeaux… When combining them with the tablecloth, you can play with shades of the same chromatic series.

Cotton napkins and tablecloths in plain colours are elegant and sophisticated. You can give the wedding an even warmer touch by decorating the table with leaves and wild flowers, whether fresh or dried, and presented in a centrepiece or scattered, or even in a small bouquet on the cotton napkin of each diner.

Weddings in spring and summer

MY DRAP • Cotton NapkinsAs we mentioned, spring and early summer is the season par excellence for weddings and celebrations, especially in the open air. The colours in harmony with this time of year may vary from pastel purples and pinks to whites and greys, or brighter and more vibrant colours such as orange, pistachio or fuchsia. If we choose these brighter ones for the wedding decoration, it is best to reserve them for the smaller surfaces (cotton napkins) and compensate them with more sober tablecloths. If you are looking for patterned fabrics, there is no doubt that at this time of year the main role is for tablecloths and cotton napkins with flower and vegetable motifs.

A detail that will steal the heart of the guests is to present the cotton napkins with a natural napkin ring (matching the bride’s bouquet). It is a manual task that requires time and/or help from a professional, but marks the difference on such a special day.

Seafaring weddings

It is increasingly more common to organise the wedding decoration around a specific theme. For example, if you are thinking about a seafaring wedding you can combine tablecloths and cotton napkins of marine colours and white, or even with a striped pattern. You can present the cutlery on the cotton napkins, and tied with a string or fishing net as a complement.

Intimate weddings

It is very common in wedding decoration to fold the cotton napkins to turn them into an envelope for the wedding menu. If you want to give the guests a unique gift then use this improvised pocket of the cotton napkin to place a personalised message for each one of them: a photo, a sentence, the words of a song… something unique and meaningful to you. They will be amazed for sure!

Literary weddings

Another option for lovers of literature is to create a ring for the cotton napkins with card or something similar. Writing a text on it especially for this day or copying a literary fragment special to you. The most meticulous can personalise every cotton napkin for each guest.