Welcome to the ultimate, home entertainer-approved holiday gift guide!

We can all agree that online shopping has made gift-giving a whole lot simpler. These days, one can safely skip the long lines, claustrophobic crowds, and heavy schlepping altogether.

However, shopping from your couch with a mug of hot cocoa can still present its own unique set of challenges. The online stratosphere is over-saturated with different products competing for your attention. With endless choices, gift shopping can quickly become daunting and overwhelming, crowded malls notwithstanding.

Enter your ideal holiday shopping guide- the kind of kitchen gadgets and home entertaining gift options to keep your eye on this holiday season! These won’t break the bank and are sure to impress. We have catered this guide to those who have a particular love of home cooking and entertaining. Happy shopping!

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Holiday Gifts for the Home Cook

Even the most seasoned of home chefs could use a helping hand in the kitchen. Give the aspiring cook in your life a nifty gadget that will make cooking more fun and efficient. Consider tools that will replace menial tasks such as chopping, juicing, peeling…you get the idea.

Air Fryer

This nifty kitchen gadget completely lives up to the hype. We swear. Perfect for a culinary beginner, or someone who is looking to make quick and delicious meals without the hassle or extra oil. These machines create a crispy, deep-fried finish without the deep-frying. Healthy, delicious meals prepared in half the time- a definite win for everyone involved!

Food Processor

An absolute kitchen staple, this gadget will perform just about any recipe prep one would need. Whether it’s baking, salsa-making, preparing festive sauces, or soups- it’s all handled effortlessly and in no time. Gone are the days of exhaustive manual slicing, dicing, and grating.



Like for so many, “getting healthier” is likely to be one of your loved one’s New Year’s resolutions. For the health nut in your life, a powerful juicer that will save them the cost of that daily $10 bottle of juice from their local juice shop is a winner. Opt for a juicer with a larger jug attachment. That means your loved one can make ahead larger batches; it also means less hassle and clean-up. They can just unclip and store in the fridge for wholesome juice the whole family can enjoy.

Food Dehydrator

Help your loved one kick that unhealthy snacking habit for good! A food dehydrator is perfect for making the perfect dried fruits, vegetables, beef jerky, and herbs right at home. Super easy to use and store.

Pasta Maker

Warning: the recipient of this gift may never want to go back to boxed, mass-produced pasta ever again! Homemade pasta is unparalleled, and can now be made from the comfort of their own home. Opt for a pasta maker with adjustable thickness, and varying attachments to produce different shapes. Turn your friend, family member, or loved one into the next Emeril Lagasse!

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Holiday Gifts for the Home Entertainer

From ornate napkins to glitzy bar carts, get the habitual host or hostess in your life a gift that will elevate their home entertaining game. These unique bits and bobs will quickly become the essentials they have been missing in their collection!

Custom Napkins

Kick paper napkins to the curb! Give the host/hostess in your life a set of customized, premium cotton serviettes they will cherish for a long time. MY DRAP offers an elegant selection of exclusive designs and shades. We recommend the sets, which come with serviettes, cocktail napkins (great at warding off those stubborn ring stains), and placemats. All sets can be purchased as is or personalized with your lucky recipient’s name or initials. Made from a thin yet durable cotton that can be washed and reused multiple times, or disposed of for easy clean-up. Check out the collections page for festive colours and patterns!

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Cheese Board Set

Have a charcuterie fanatic in your life? Gift them the perfect set for serving olives, cheeses, spreads, and other appetizers. Cheese boards often come equipped with a variety of tools made specifically for cutting, spreading, and serving various cheeses or meats. Look out for cheese boards made of sturdy, eco-friendly hardwood, and stainless steel tools. Picking up a custom monogrammed board also adds an elevated, custom touch.

Bar Cart

We cannot think of a better way to store and serve alcohol than with an elegant, vintage-inspired bar cart. Not only do they provide functional storage, but they also add a hint of contemporary flair to any space. Look for bar carts with wheels which your host can easily move from room to room for easy entertaining.

Bar Tool/Mixology Set

Nothing impresses guests more than delicious, handcrafted cocktails. Bar tool sets often come with everything your beloved hosts/hostess needs to mix, muddle, shake, and strain their favorite festive cocktails. Look for sets made of durable, stainless steel and a variety of tools. Pro tip: throw in a cocktail recipe book for an extra thoughtful gift!

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Electronic Scent Diffuser

What is the first thing guests notice when they walk through the door? If you answered: “the fragrance in the room”, then you are one step closer to attaining “hostess with the mostest” status! Scent is a powerful mechanism for evoking feeling and memory. A positive scent makes a positive impression, which is top priority when it comes to home entertaining. 

We recommend electronic oil diffusers. They diffuse scent in the form of a relaxing mist, transforming a home into a calming, spa-like oasis. Essential oils are less pungent and significantly less harmful than most synthetic fragrances dominating the market. Many electronic diffusers come in a variety of sleek designs, making them a functional decor piece for any space.


We hope this home-approved gift guide gets your holiday shopping off to a fast start so you can spend less time guessing and more time spending the holiday season with those you love the most.