Fall is the season of renewal: Mother Nature prepares to shed herself of the old, and usher in the new. Thankfully, this somewhat morbid period of nature’s death brings forth the most sumptuous hues that warm and delight us. Fall colours, sights, and scents give us a sense of peace and joy that cannot be described- only experienced. Take a trip to the local apple orchard or pumpkin patch and see for yourself- a foliage of rich reds, oranges, and yellows transforming before your very eyes.

Obviously, Autumn inspiration does not stop there. Numerous tones seem to take on a life and personality of their own as the leaves begin to change. We bring you the top ten colours which are inspired by nature and are sure to brighten your tablescapes this Fall.

A Pop of Red

Nothing brightens up a table like rich, red accents. Scatter red maple leaves or red rose petals across your table around some candles for a romantic feel. Or liven up white ceramic ware with red napkins.


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Burnt Orange

A colour that is sure to invoke nostalgia and capture the essence of Autumn- pumpkins, spiced tea drinks, and crisp air. Slice oranges and dehydrate them in the oven for a simple and rustic table accent. Or, carved pumpkins of various sizes and designs are a fun activity for the kids and are sure to provide spooky and cool centrepieces this Halloween.


Mustard Yellow

Want to make your guests feel warm and welcome as soon as they gather around the table? This golden yellow is sure to invoke the joyful mood you seek to inspire in your loved ones. Sunflowers can be found at your local market and make the perfect Fall centrepieces- they are definitely one of the happiest flowers out there.


A perfect Fall neutral- we are seeing this tone of beige everywhere this season. Linen table runners add a rustic feel to any table. Layer trimmed stalks of wheat on your Fall napkins for a minimalist yet modern look. 

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Stone Blue

This romantic, grey-blue stands out beautifully against white china and tablecloths. Pair a stone blue runner with a delicate floral centrepiece for the perfect look.

Charcoal Gray

A cool, Autumnal grey that has been featured on Fall runways for decades. Bring this fashionable and staple colour into your table this season. Dark grey napkins add an element of masculine warmth to a wooden table and pair perfectly with taupe china.


This pretty, neutral green-gray is HOT right now. Add fresh rosemary, olive, or sage leaves to your table runner, or lay a small sprig on your napkins for an effortlessly earthy and bohemian look. We are also loving sage green tablecloths contrasted with linen runners and napkins- you really cannot go wrong with this stylish and versatile shade of green!


A colour that can be transitioned into any season, and for good reason. This delicious shade of beige is the perfect neutral and can be featured as a warm set of china, cotton napkins, or an elegant tablecloth. Cream also pairs perfectly with warm browns, earthy greens, and golden accents!


Emerald Green

This rugged and elegant colour adds a unique layer of masculinity to any table scape. Contrast centrepieces composed of rich greenery with dark stained wood. This rich colour also pairs perfectly with gold silverware and accents.

Chocolate Brown

This delicious chocolate colour is a Fall staple and can be played up through warm wooden accents and napkin sets. Scatter fresh pine cones along your runner for the perfect Autumnal vibe.


We hope these colourful ideas make you look at your Fall tables in a different way. Nature really has a way of showing off its beauty this season and you should do the same!