When MY DRAP set off, the company did so with the dream of carving a niche out for itself in the hospitality industry. Priding itself in producing and delivering innovative and luxurious napkins, serviettes, coasters, and placemats, MY DRAP takes cognizance not just of any event and consumer demand but also of environmental health concerns. To do this, they ensure that products frequently undergo periodic upgrades. They incorporate technology to customize their products to suit clients’ demands like branding, color, shape, et cetera.

MY DRAP entered North America in 2015. It’s been five years, and the company still stays true to being “the detail that makes the difference.” To this end, it has launched a new range of 100% cotton, single-use hand towels designed for use in the restrooms at five-star establishments, one of its beneficiaries being The Lodge at Blue Sky, Park City, Utah. It’s General Manager, Joe Ogdie, was recently taken to the round table by MY DRAP’s CEO, Shalom Gniwisch, to ascertain the compatibility of the company’s products to the vision and tenets of the luxury ranch.

The Lodge at Blue Sky is an experiential luxury ranch based in Utah and part of the Auberge Resorts Collection. As a luxury ranch, it prioritizes and fulfills its guests’ desires by offering a range of unique or unattainable experiences beyond the vicinity due to the vicissitudes of everyday life.

Joe Ogdie, as General Manager, devotes most of his time and interpersonal skills to make sure the guests have a positive connection to the place, thus guaranteeing the prospects of having a fun-filled, relaxing, and adventurous experience. In his words, “… it’s more about the meaningful connection than anything else, and so, that’s really what we focus on.”

During the interview, Shalom Gniwisch quizzed Joe Ogdie about how MY DRAP hand towels in the bathroom feature in the hotel’s quest for hospitality and pleasure

Q: What hand towel program were you running before using the MY DRAP hand towel program?

A: We were with the average hand towels like you find in every other hotel around. They’re okay, but they don’t look amazing. They tend to fall apart pretty quickly, their touch and feel degenerating so that after the second or third wash, you start to get that roughness. Then again, going back to the expectation of the guests, the emotional connection is huge, but there is that sense of luxury that has to be there when you’re talking about a thousand or two-thousand-dollar price range.

Q: What made you make the decision to switch over to the MY DRAP hand towels, especially as you’re the first five-star hotel in North America using them?

A: For one, I like talking to you. Relationships are everything. So, that’s definitely part of it. However, when you got all the samples, my first reaction was: “I like the look of this”. I love your marketing material. Secondly, the absorption was mind-blowing. It absorbed so well for such a thin piece of cloth and so much better than your normal hand towel. It was really nice. And then there’s the softness and the feel.

Q: How did you find the process of customization working with the team at MY DRAP?

A: Super easy. It was to the point where my experiential manager processed another 10 minutes on the little link that you sent, and then you immediately got back to us. Just a couple of changes that you guys had me make just made it look good and a bit easier.

Q: So, we covered aesthetics, but from an operational standpoint, what do you see as the advantages of this product over a washable hand towel?

A: I like the fact that, one, you’re already using recycled cotton; that right there has a feel-good to it because we’re about sustainability. Secondly, not having to worry about washing it continuously. There is also the difference between these different hand towels in their various stages of life. It’s naturally going to happen: having to take that look in the towel basket as you’re going into the bathroom. This product, on the other hand, has a more uniform look. It’s like it’s always brand new. Then again, it has that look and feels to it that eludes forgery.

To put a cap on the interview, when asked if he found the MY DRAP product personally recommendable, his reply was unequivocally positive.

MY DRAP aims to deliver products and services that are customizable, environmental-friendly, and comfortable, thus highlighting their dedication to enhancing luxury and hospitality – just as the interview with Joe Ogdie has revealed.

Indeed, they are the detail that makes the difference.

Find out more about our hand towel program or our other hospitality product lines by reaching out to Shalom@thedrap.com.