Meet Nicole Braghin, Managing Partner, Creative Director, and Designer at Plan Design Events. Plan Design Events have been an amazing customer of MY DRAP for several years now. We took a few minutes to sit down with them and get a little idea of what the world of an Event Planner looks like, what events during Covid look like, and what MY DRAP means to her.

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Brazilian born, Nicole came to Miami when she was 9 years old. She always knew that a desk job was not in her future. Entertaining and creating parties is in her blood. In 2005, Nicole founded N events and started designing and producing experiences. With an eye for personalization and details, she thrives in the challenge that every aspect of every event should be unique, and she treats and designs her events as experiences delighting all the senses. From flowers and furniture to stages and patterns etc, pressure drive Nicole to always exceeding her client’s expectations. Also, she has two little girls who always keep her on her toes. Sophia, her eldest, gives the best job description “my mommy makes dreams come true!”

Who is Plan Design Events?

Arianna and I have both been doing Event Planning for the past 15 years. We wanted to create an environment where we created experiences, not just events. We are storytellers in essence. What differentiates us from other people is that we create functional designs. For example, we won’t put a big tree in the middle of a table where the person across from you won’t be able to see you, etc.


What is your role in the company?

Arianna focuses on logistics and I focus on design. Everything is done in house, the flowers, the sketching, and the designs, to create an all-inclusive, cohesive result and experience. If you are getting the linens from one person, and the flowers from another, It’s hard to see the final results. When you work with a designer, we take care of making sure your vision comes to reality in a one-stop-shop.


What does a day as an Event Planner look like?

We have event days and planning days. Office days are spent looking over files, organizing, planning, reaching out to clients, Arianna is looking over logistics and I am working on designs. The day before an event, I start executing the design, working on the flowers, assembling furniture that we buy for events. We mostly buy all the furniture new for the events and then either give them to the clients after or sell them. 


Where do you find inspiration for your events?

It comes from our clients 100%. We sit with them and interview them. What do you like? Your pet peeves, what does your dream party look like? Etc. When someone comes to your event, it should be your event, not just any event. We can make a 2-3 million dollar party but it should never feel overdone or ostentatious. We want the guests to feel welcome and have fun. 


When was the first time you discovered MY DRAP? 

I first saw MY DRAP at a show and started using it in my house. I introduced it at work where we then started using them as well. Now, we will not use paper unless the client is adamant about it, we only use MY DRAP. When guests use the MY DRAP napkin at cocktail hour, they are always impressed and they know it will be a nice event.

What would you say is your favorite MY DRAP product?

The solid cream, they’re the ones we sell the most.

What was your favorite event you ever did?

It was a surprise birthday party, where we used MY DRAP. It was for a 60-year-old and her 2 brothers who planned her party. It started as a vintage Wimbledon style tennis party. We brought the furniture, champagne cart, and black and white posters of ads from the ’60s where the birthday girl’s face superimposed we’re hanging all over the venue. All the guests came dressed in vintage tennis clothes with wigs and white outfits. Drag queens greeted everyone, and we brought in a donkey as a play on words because her ex-husband was an ass. The second part of the property was turned into Octoberfest. With heart-shaped cookies, log cabins, food trucks, kegs with flowers, a band, fireworks, and barrels of peanuts. 

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How would you say that MY DRAP elevates your events?

I love the new patterns that are always coming up. It’s a nice way to replicate whatever décor is on the table in such a simple yet effective way. People are always so impressed with the quality as well as the weight of it and I can put my logo on it. 


How have you seen a difference in events during Covid?

They’ve become smaller but more meaningful. Weddings, birthday parties, etc, are so limited as to who you are allowed to invite that people are partying with a purpose, more than ever. The people that are invited know how important it was that they were chosen over other friends so they are much more likely to say yes to coming. They are smaller but more exquisite. People have the same budget but fewer invites so they can spoil their guests a lot more. And they’re happier to spoil them since it’s their close friends, not people they were forced to invite. Clients are happy to spend a lot on events at this time since it’s on their best friends.