Planning an event is not all rosy, behind every great event is a strong content scheme. Thriving events are all about the components put into it. Guests note when hosts go out of their way to guarantee that every person in attendance has an amazing experience. As an event planner, how do you keep the tables organized and luxurious? MY DRAP enables event planners to provide a luxury experience to their customers without the headache involved in table linens. Additionally, we provide our customers the opportunity to upgrade their bar scene from paper to a cotton napkin hassle-free. In the true MY DRAP fashion, we will surely be “The detail that makes the difference” at your event.
One way to guarantee that you have arranged the stage for an event that surpasses expectations is to have a substantial content strategy at the core. Planning from scratch will include invitation, theme, decorations, and menus. With MY DRAP, be rest assured you are getting the best napkins for your event, ditch the boring paper coaster, and go for MY DRAP collections of napkins. MY DRAP has collections of napkins to suit all events ranging from formal to informal events, and also for all seasons.

Christmas layout

Picnic Layout

Picnic Layout


Household Layout

Summer layout

Informal layout


To view the full MY DRAP collection, visit MY DRAP home page on and Instagram page on @mydrap_northamerica.
MY DRAP collections of the napkin are 100% cotton and linen, reusable, the designs are top-notch, and have distinct measurements, formats, and colors.


MY DRAP is a household name for both event planners and for families casual dining. Several event planners have been pictured using napkins from MY DRAP collection for their events. The collection does not only add color to your event, but it also brings out class and high taste for quality. Big shots in the event planning industry are using MY DRAP to complement their events. Below is a link to events where MY DRAP napkins were used,

The collections of napkins available on MY DRAP can be used for any occasion, household, hotels, club, etc. the collections goes in line with the themes of any event, perusing through the catalog will give you an insight into the best napkin for your event.

As an Event planner, we know that you are always on the lookout for ways to wow your guests and offer them the absolute best with regards to aesthetics and quality alike. With MY DRAP, you will be able to accomplish that wow reaction from your guest. Elevate your event with the simple luxury of MY DRAP, and let the napkins be part of the talk of your event.

MY DRAP collections of napkins are being used by event planners for events such as weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, luncheons, dinners, etc. For birthdays, the top picks by event planners from MY DRAP collections are;

For birthdays;


For weddings;


Other classic designs used by event planners include;


MY DRAP also provide branded napkins for hospitality companies, wow your guest with a classy and trendy napkin. This is where your branding comes in as an event planner or hospitality company, you can chip in your brand logo, stickers to market your brand to the audience while in use.