Getting started:

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Labor Day is an annual event that celebrates the achievement of workers. It is the last holiday of the summer, where people gather for and do cookouts, go on trips, and some indulge in pool parties.

To commemorate these last few days of summer, begin organizing a Labor Day party for your friends, family, and neighbors. Want to have that memorable Labor Day celebration, check out these few pointers.

As you all know Labor Day is a busy weekend filled with events, so you might want to send your invite early. Choose a theme that depicts the occasion, since it is Labor Day, people usually go for a whiteout theme or the colors on the flag which is red, white, and blue. These chosen color should be included in the invites, it will also double as the color for decorations, menu, and costumes.

The menu:

MY DRAP • Cotton Napkins

The menu is something everyone looks forward to, create an astonishing menu to depict the occasion. Menu ideas include grilled dishes, as this is your chance to go all out with the grills before the end of the season. The options for Labor Day menu are unlimited, your menu can include, rib-eye steaks, coleslaw, grilled chicken and vegetable kabobs, hamburgers, basil, tomato, and mozzarella skewers, cheeseburgers, mixed fruit salad, ice cream sundaes, seasonal fresh fruit pies.

The decorations:

The decorations depict what is happening, put up fun, festive and informal decorations for Labor Day themed parties. Employ the Labor Day color scheme, which is blue, red and white as a guideline for party accessories, banners, balloons, dishes, lighting, etc. You can also put up some traditional BBQ/picnic decorations such as pastoral centerpieces crammed with seasonal flowers and traditional picnic table wraps over each tabletop. You do not want your guest to be bored so map out activities to engage them in. Activities such as volleyball, tag football, or tug of war for simple backyard cookout labor day celebration. While for a grand Labor Day evening party, you can hire a musician or DJ to offer the entertainment. You can also set up arts and craft sections where people can make colored sand jars and friendship bracelet.