MY DRAP • Cotton Napkins

If there is one activity that requires cotton napkin products outside of the kitchen or dining room, it’s picnicking. A picnic is a fun activity that brings people together. It is also a sign of a great summer day well spent with friends and loved ones. Picnics are a lovely affair. Sitting on the grass on a warm summer day with a clear blue sky and spending quality time with loved ones is a delightful summer or springtime activity.

A great picnic requires some planning, a little food, good company and of course, a great napkin to accompany your picnic basket. A picnic napkin serves as a wrap for food, providing extra protection from anything that could contaminate it; napkins also serve as wipes for your hands and other surfaces like picnic tables and chairs.

Aesthetically speaking, napkins bring that extra splash of vibrant color and a great napkin is also one that is pleasing to the eye. While picking out a napkin for a picnic may seem minuscule it is pretty important, so before you make your cotton napkins order online here are some things that all great picnic napkins have in common.

A napkin with a checkered pattern is an age-old choice for picnics and a good one. It is a simple design that is not too stylish for the outdoors. Colors picked can be red, green or pink with red being the most traditional.

Picnic napkins are either single-use napkins where they are disposed of after a single use; this cuts down on the required washing up after the picnic or re-useable napkins. These napkins can be washed and reused as often as desired.

The material used is also of importance. A linen napkin is great for dinner parties and formal gatherings but is unsuitable for the ruggedness of nature. A more suitable material would be cotton. A cotton napkin would perform functionally well as a food wrap and a wipe for tables and chairs while still delivering comfort and as much luxury as one can expect from an outdoors napkin.

The Picnic Vichy Red

We at My Drap know what a picnic napkin needs to be, that is why My Drap cotton napkin products feature a new collection that has the perfect picnic napkin called

the Picnic Vichy Red. This napkin spots a design that incorporates the traditional red-and-white checkered pattern. The Picnic Vichy Red is made of recycled cotton that is great to the touch but also strong enough to withstand the great outdoors without suffering damages like tears. It provides protection as a wrap for food and also comes as a single-use roll, so you don’t have to worry about washing it afterward.

The Picnic Vichy Red comes in a bright red color that complements the brown and green colors associated with nature and goes great with red wine (colo


r-wise of course). The Picnic Vichy Red, like all other My Drap retail napkins, are made to perfectly suit the occasion providing comfort and function. And you can buy our cotton napkins in Canada and North America.