New seasons signal the beginning of freshness and novelty, offering us a chance to revive and rejuvenate our lives, homes and, yes, get new cotton and linen dinner napkins. We at My Drap are making the most of the new season with our new and improved collection of table and dinner napkins, placemats and other dining table decorations. Our collection comes with whole new designs and colors that match several interesting themes, events, and affairs. They are made with high-quality recycled cotton and linen that gives that extra softness and luxury comfort while being environmentally-friendly, and they come as single-use dinner napkins, reusable dinner napkins, napkins for events and meetings and basically any other thing a napkin or placemat can be used for.

Our new collection features products that are customized to your special event or themed dinner affair. Among these is our Celebration collection for special events like Christmas, celebratory dinners, tea parties and the works, and also our Formal Food Collection for business meetings, evening balls, charity events, etc.

If you also seek napkins and placemats for a simple meal, we have something for you too. Check out some of our collections

MY DRAP • Cotton Napkins

Golden Wood Collection

Elegance meets comfort in our Golden wood linen dinner napkins collection. This classy wooden pattern delivers a stylish look and sophisticated feel, giving the sensation of dining with the stars. This collection of placemats and table decorations is a great option for evening balls, Galas and high-class events. This collection sets a stylish and graceful tone, transforming your dining affair into a tasteful experience.

MY DRAP • Cotton Napkins

Noel Collection

Christmas dining has never felt as Christmassy as with our Noel collection. This collection features placemats and napkins that foster the Christmas spirit with its red background and white fair isle design that makes dining all the more cheerful. This collection like all our other collections is made of recycled cotton with a linen variety. This collection is great for Christmas dining events.

MY DRAP • Cotton Napkins

Ola Collection

Our OLA collection of placemats and napkins features blue or golden wavy lines against a white backdrop. This simple but stylish design is great for fruit plates, salads and desserts as it complements colorful meals. It can be used in restaurants, semi-formal settings or a simple café. Wherever it is used, it is sure to make the colors of your food pop.

MY DRAP • Cotton Napkins

Ocean Collection

This collection features placemats with a navy blue solid color that is indicative of the depths of the sea. The placemats can be paired with the sea-themed napkins to deliver a complete underwater experience to your dining affair. This collection is perfect for ocean-themed restaurants, seafood, and lovers of the color blue.

MY DRAP • Cotton Napkins

Sunny Days Collection

This collection features placemats with blue and gold patterns in a tasteful design sequence, giving your dining affair a classic and enduring feel. Paired with the option of either a blue or gold napkin, this collection can be made to suit a formal business meeting just as well as an elegant dinner.

These are just some of the amazing collections in our stores. Whatever your function or event, My Drap cotton napkin products, and placemats are sure to enhance and refine your dining experience