This week, we went to the virtual streets (Instagram stories), to ask our devoted followers and customers one very essential question: What are the best hosting tips? Luckily, we’ve compiled some of the best answers into a handy list below. You can totally take credit for these tips; we won’t tell 😉 Happy hosting!



Nobody likes a frazzled and tense host. Those details you’re stressing about? Chances are, nobody’s going to notice them. Your guests are there for you and ultimately, a fun and relaxing atmosphere. Don’t sweat the rest!

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“Ask their guests what their fave food and drinks are”


You’re probably going to reach out about dietary restrictions, but how about going that extra mile and taking a survey of your guests’ favorite snacks, food, and drinks? If you don’t want to be overwhelmed with different options, why not send out a poll through Survey Monkey or Google Forms, and have them vote on the menu? Not only is it a fun and interactive way to accommodate your guests, it also comes off as super thoughtful.

“It’s honestly the small details that make the biggest difference”


All it takes is a charming floral arrangement, some cute straws, and some elevated, color-coordinated napkins to make it look like you put in a significant amount of effort. It takes only a couple of simple tweaks to make your table look coordinated and well thought-out. MY DRAP has an extensive selection of coordinated napkins and placemats for that sharp, cohesive look.


“Let your guests take turns being the DJ!”


Have your guests take turns choosing the music throughout the night. There’s nothing worse than elevator lounge music when your guests are lively and want to dance. Give them the freedom to create their own party playlist, and watch things get super fun, super quick. You’ll be singing along to those club oldies in no time.

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“We LOVE a theme!”

Okay, but who doesn’t love a theme? Whether it’s coming dressed in your significant others’ clothes, bringing your pets, or even something as simple as wearing a specific color, themes are the perfect way to break the ice and give your guests a point of commonality. Once you have your theme picked out, make sure your decor reflects it; shop MY DRAP’s selection of various colors and patterns, which are sure to suit any mood or theme!

“Put the food where you want the people to be”


Your guests will naturally gravitate towards the food. So instead of keeping the food in the kitchen, why not put out some platters of hors d’oeuvres in the living room? Or serve drinks in the backyard? Use food as a vehicle for bringing people together. If you’re worried about messes, serving your aperitif or cocktail with a MY DRAP cocktail napkin is the way to go. It takes minimal effort to create an elevated experience for your guests.

“The people make the party!”


Don’t just invite everyone you know to the same party. In order to create the kind of atmosphere you want, you need to be strategic. No host likes to be solely responsible for ensuring everyone has someone to talk to. And if you have quiet friends who don’t like competition, maybe they aren’t the right ones to invite to a lively cocktail party. Save their names for a dinner party instead.

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“Turn up the AC! Trust me”


This may seem like a strange tip, but there is nothing worse than being around a large group of people and feeling like you’re melting from the heat. Turn your AC down about four degrees lower than normal. In the winter, crack open a window or two to keep it from feeling like an oven.

“Use disposable, when you can”

There is nothing worse than ending a party, only to have a mountain of dirty dishes to deal with. Go easy on yourself by using paper plates; to keep your carbon footprint to a minimum, make sure you use disposable products that are 100% compostable, such as MY DRAP serviettes. They are way more classy and practical than a flimsy paper napkin, while still being eco-friendly and easily disposable. You can still use your regular cutlery to avoid plastic, but now you don’t have to worry about washing dozens of plates, cups, and linen napkins!

“Make it a potluck. Thank me later”


Lazy cooks, take note! The easiest way to avoid cooking up a storm and being stuck in the kitchen all evening at your own party, is to have everyone contribute to the meal. It gives people the opportunity to share their favorite dishes with others, and makes for a cozier, more communal atmosphere all around. After all, food really does bring people together!

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