When MY DRAP launched its luxurious custom hand towels for the hospitality industry in 2019, they were met with rave reviews. The 100% cotton, single-use hand towels were exclusively designed for use in the restrooms of five-star establishments. One of its beneficiaries was The Lodge at Blue Sky in Park City, Utah. 

On the tails of this success, the team at MY DRAP is proud to offer their luxurious hand towels to home bathrooms everywhere! Now you can experience the elevated softness of a five-star hotel hand towel from the comfort of your own restroom.

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The MY DRAP Hand Towel Experience

Each hand towel is made from 100% Ottoman cotton that is of premium softness and absorbency; A luxurious upgrade from traditional terry or cellulose hand towels, which begin to lose their softness after the third wash. 


MY DRAP is always optimizing its products to ensure maximum quality and sustainability. We work within the highest EU Environmental standards. That’s why we are proud to advocate for the eco-friendliness of all our products. Not only is every hand towel made from premium recycled cotton materials, it is completely compostable, so you can freely dispose of your hand towels with a clear conscience. Furthermore, our hand towels can be rewashed and reused multiple times without losing their softness and absorbency, so it’s truly a win-win!


The best part? Each hand towel can be customized with your own artwork, logo, or monogram; a great way to impress your guests, and elevate your restroom or kitchen area!

The Lodge at Blue Sky + MY DRAP

The Lodge at Blue Sky is an experiential luxury ranch based in Utah and part of the Auberge Resorts Collection. As a luxury ranch, it fulfills its guests’ desires by offering a range of unique and elevated experiences; a temporary respite from everyday life.


Joe Ogdie, as General Manager, devotes most of his time and interpersonal skills to make sure guests have a positive connection to the place, ensuring a fun-filled, relaxing, and adventurous experience. In his words: “… it’s more about the meaningful connection than anything else, and so, that’s really what we focus on.”


We sat Joe down and picked his brain about how MY DRAP Hand Towels have elevated the guest experience since launching at The Lodge.


Q: What hand towel program were you running before using the MY DRAP hand towel program?

A: We had the average hand towels you would find in every other hotel around. They’re okay, but they don’t look amazing. They tend to fall apart pretty quickly; their touch and feel degenerates so that after the second or third wash, you start to get that rough texture. Then again, going back to the expectation of the guests, the emotional connection is huge, but there is that sense of luxury that has to be there when you’re talking about a thousand or two-thousand-dollar price range.


Q: What made you make the decision to switch over to the MY DRAP hand towels, especially as you’re the first five-star hotel in North America using them?

A: For one, I like talking to you. Relationships are everything. So, that’s definitely part of it. When I received all the samples, my first reaction was: “I like the look of this”. I love your marketing material. Secondly, the absorption was mind-blowing. It absorbed so well for such a thin piece of cloth and so much better than your normal hand towel. It was really nice. And then there’s the softness and the feel, which is second-to-none.

CSR Hand towel

Q: How did you find the process of customization working with the team at MY DRAP?

A: Super easy. It was to the point where my experiential manager processed another 10 minutes on the little link that you sent, and then you immediately got back to us. Just a couple of changes that you guys had me make just made it look that much better, and the entire process top to bottom, was just so seamless and easy.

Q: So, we covered aesthetics, but from an operational standpoint, what do you see as the advantages of this product over a washable hand towel?

A: I like the fact that, firstly, you’re already using recycled cotton; that right there makes me feel good because we’re all about sustainability here. Secondly, not having to worry about washing it continuously. There is also the difference between these different hand towels in their various stages of life. It’s naturally going to happen. This product, on the other hand, has a more uniform look. It’s like it’s always brand new.

MY DRAP aims to deliver products and services that are customizable, environmentally friendly, and elevate any bathroom or tablescape. Customize your own hand towels today, and experience the luxury of a five-star hotel restroom at home!

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