What noble peace in this detachment from everything; oh beautiful meadow that pulls the petals from your flowers… this is how the poet Juan Ramón Jiménez described Autumn. Autumn, a time of the year as romantic as it is melancholy, a time when we do fewer things outdoors and enjoy more time indoors, seeking the warmth of the home, the comfort of a decorated table full with familiar foods surrounded by our loved ones.

Below we explain some fun hints and warming ideas so that the decorated tables in Autumn result in a warm and pleasant meal.

Placemats and cotton napkins for decorated tables: a land scape of colours

Ideas para la decoración de mesas en otoño

The change of colour in the landscape is one of the most characteristic elements of the arrival of autumn. The trees are transformed into hypnotic yellows, rich oranges, reds, browns and some greens that resist, with all their chromatic nuances.

A good way of reproducing this autumnal atmosphere in the dining room at home is to pass on these tones in the decoration of tables with placemats and cotton napkins in cream, ochre, orange, chocolate, dark greens…

We recommend you combine elements of 2-3 harmonious colours, more or less close to this colour chart. An example could be for decorated tables superimposing cotton napkins in browns and yellows, such as the colours taupe and curry.

We recommend white crockery, in order to highlight the different-colored textiles and provide brightness to the table decoration.

Cotton napkin rings

A detail that diners will love is to create natural cotton napkin rings. This involves picking dry leaves in attractive forms and colours and tying them together delicately to be napkin rings for the cotton napkins, with a string of esparto grass. This autumn ingredient will highlight the atmosphere of colour created with the placemats and cotton napkins.


Candles for decorating adding a touch of warmth

Candles have a magical power, and can easily turn an everyday meal into a special occasion with a decorated table. Just try one day to turn out the lights and light the candles: you will achieve a relaxing atmosphere in a very noticeable way. The faint light, the warm colours of the flame, predisposes us to feel calm and to be more at ease with the other diners.

In the decorated tables of Autumn, they bring warmth and we recall those colours of dry leaves, that twilight of summer, that period of introspection, that mystery of death to which we pay homage with All Saints Day (1 November).

As well as all these effects, candles are an element which we can play within the decoration of tables since we can find them in very different formats and sizes. As well as the classic candelabras, which will also help us dress the table, we can present them with centerpieces in the most autumnal style.

Steps to create an autumn centerpiece on the decorated table with nuts and dried fruits:

  1. Use a candle (if you like it can be perfumed).
  2. Use a glass recipient that is larger than the candle.
  3. Prepare nuts and dried fruits such as chestnuts or hazelnuts.
  4. Place the nuts and dried fruits in the recipient and the candle on top. Another option, if the recipient is bigger, is to place the candle in the middle and surround it with the nuts.


Other elements for decorated tables

The color of the placemats and cotton napkins is undoubtedly a key element when giving this autumnal touch to the meal we are preparing. However, as well as counting on this color base, we can add some seasonal food to the table, which we can use as decoration for the table too.


Without a doubt, one of the ingredients of autumn, with special significance in the festival of Halloween, is the pumpkin. This orange-colored vegetable, of which there are many varieties, shapes, and sizes, can be placed on tables as an element of decoration if we want.


Chestnuts, rounded on one side and flat on the other, are an attractive shiny brown color, and can be used for decorating tables in many ways:

  • You can scatter some at random around the table on the tablecloth
  • You can place 3 or 4 chestnuts delicately around the glass, for example
  • You can use them to create the autumn centerpiece
  • And all those ideas that your imagination suggests!


If up until now we have seen the orange of the pumpkin and brown of the chestnuts, we need a fruit that proudly shows off the other color of autumn: red. This is the pomegranate, considered by some peoples as the symbol of love, prosperity, and fertility.

Its external appearance is unique, unlike any of the common fruits, and inside we find juicy seeds with a very curious texture and flavor.

Natural pomegranates are also a good idea for decorating tables in autumn, and you can create pretty centerpieces that can also sometimes be adapted for Christmas since the red and the roundness of the fruit (which reminds us of the Christmas tree decorative balls) are perfect for this celebration as well.