MY DRAP is proud to be working with some of the biggest movers and shakers in the hospitality and private aviation industries. So it only made sense to launch an initiative that would help us highlight and celebrate them in all their glory.

This month, we sat down with the bubbly and enigmatic Jill Dressel, Senior Manager of Client Experience at the prestigious Sun Air Jets; a private jet charter and management company based in Southern California and operating globally! 

MY DRAP • Cotton Napkins
Jill Dressel, Manager of Client Experience at Sun Air Jets

How did you get into industry?

23 years ago, I started as a flight attendant for a major airline. I later transitioned into being a private flight attendant for a major movie studio, which I did for 16 years!. Sadly, when COVID hit, and circumstances changed, I decided to expand my horizons and become an in-flight cabin safety instructor at Aircare FACTS®. The safety aspect of being a flight attendant had always been one of my favorite parts, and it had always been something I was interested in. Now, I work for Sun Air, bringing our fleet up to the highest luxury standards, and creating unique and memorable guest experiences!

How did your relationship with MY DRAP come to be?

Last April, I attended the Aircare International Flight Attendant and Flight Tech conference, where I had the pleasure of meeting the MY DRAP team and fell in love with the product. The rest as they say, is history!

How have you been using MY DRAP? Any unique use cases?

We’ve actually been wrapping our toilet rolls with MY DRAP!

After I was introduced to MY DRAP at the Aircare Conference, we started using it at the Aircare Flightess hospitality training. When I got to Sun Air, I entered to find an entire room of MY DRAP; I’m talking thousands of rolls! This was serendipitous, considering I had already been using the product and loving it! 

MY DRAP • Cotton Napkins
Lavatory rolls wrapped with our Petrol Blue and Cream Luncheon napkins!

It’s always bothered me when you go onto a beautiful private jet, and you enter the lavatory and see toilet paper rolls sitting open and exposed in the cabinet. So, to make it look elegant and elevated, I used alternating white and petrol blue luncheon napkins to wrap each roll. I don’t think you can get more luxurious toilet paper than a linen wrapped one!

In terms of other uses of MY DRAP, we love to line our welcome table trays with them, so that things don’t slide around during the flight; it looks lovely because the napkins have our logo.

MY DRAP • Cotton Napkins
One of the gorgeous fruit baskets Sun Air Jets creates for its lucky passengers; spot the MY DRAP napkins!

If we’re doing fruit baskets on flights, we like to line the baskets with the custom MY DRAP napkins, so the Sun Air logo is front and center.

In the luxury hospitality industry, one of our standards is to say the client’s name at least three times on a flight. We can do this when we address them by their name and we can print it on their menus. My favorite way though, is when we can get special MY DRAP cocktail napkins printed with their initials, company logo, or name. 

What do you appreciate the most about our products?

The luxurious aspect of it. We really get a luxe product that we are proud to offer our passengers, and the versatility is just top-tier.

Why is MY DRAP a top choice for Sun Air Jets?

Definitely the sustainability aspect of it, since that is one of Sun Air’s biggest pillars. It is disposable and compostable, but there is also the option of it being reusable, which is wonderful!

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