The visual wonders that a florist/floral designer can create can never be overemphasized. We’ve all been there: at that moment where we have to stand back and admire sublime floral arrangements. The feelings of beauty, pleasure, and appreciation they inspire is one of the most blissfully satisfying things in the world. Then you ask yourself: “How did such creativity, such as beauty, come about?” Sometimes, we take the mystery further. We want to know what the mind of these designers are like, how it works, what their inspirations are, and all the whatnots.

Well, we may be able to sate those curiosities with some revelation into the work and experience of the talented floral designer, Kalanit, one of our very good customers.

Kalanit is a mom and floral designer in Montreal. This excerpt from her Instagram bio: “…striving to create something different…” points to the never-ending limits of her creativity, innovation, and hard work.

Very recently, we reached out to Kalanit for a little chit-chat and we were able to get some insights into the nature of her work. Whether you’re a floral designer like Kalanit, looking to up your game, or just an appreciator of everything fine and beautiful, you stand to benefit a lot from this quick plunge into Kalanit’s experience. Here is how the interview played out:

Q: What does a normal day as a florist look like?

A: Well, there are two types of days that I have. I have days where I’ll go to market, choose all the flowers, cut the stems, add them to water, and start getting them processed. Then there are days where I’m actually making flowers and arrangements and bouquets for events.

Q: What’s your favorite part of being a florist?

A: Working with flowers. Ever since I was little, I was obsessed with flowers and making floral reefs and arrangements. Secondly, there is seeing my clients’ faces when I present them with the finished product.

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Q: When setting up a tablescape, what is the first item you base your design around?

A: I choose a specific flower item that I am inspired by. Whether it is the greens, the focal flowers, or the fillers and I base my design around that.

Q: How would you say MY DRAP elevates your design?

A: MY DRAP is on-brand with the quality of flowers that I use. I love to use locally sourced flowers in the summer months when they are available. Otherwise, I import my flowers straight from Holland, and they are of the highest quality.

Q: What is your favorite part of using MY DRAP?

A: My favorite part is the versatility of being able to choose whatever color I need with a huge range of options. And having the ability to throw them out without feeling bad to do so since they are so well-priced and eco-friendly.

Q: What would you say is your favorite go-to MY DRAP design?

A: You really can’t go wrong with the Natural Linen and Cream Cotton. It works for every occasion and it is elegant and sophisticated.

Q: How versatile is MY DRAP when it pertains to occasions and ceremonies?

A: MY DRAP has such a large array of colors. I am always able to find something that matches the event I am doing.

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Q: If you were to describe MY DRAP in a few words, what would you say?

A: Quality, Versatility, and Classy.

Q: How long have you been using MY DRAP?

A: Since the moment I discovered them. I love them and will never go back to classic fabric cloth napkins.

Q: What are the main items to have in mind when planning a tablescape?

A: I always have a checklist of options I need to decide on: dishes, glassware, cutlery, napkins, chargers, coasters, napkin ring/design, tablecloth, flowers, and themed accessories.


We’re saying a big thank you to Kalanit for squeezing out time from her schedule to grant us this interview. Most especially, we’re glad that we’re able to not just fit into her tastes, but help her as she utilizes her talent and perception to render exquisite designs.

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