Spring is well underway and we love the traditions that come with the season, one of which is getting rid of old stuff and replacing them with fresh new things…we’re talking spring cleaning. Even though it’s a few days past, we can still clean and redecorate our homes for the remainder of the year, and this involves all aspects of the house including the dining and yes, the placemats and napkins.

Picking out new placemats and napkins may seem a daunting task when not armed with the tools and know-how to handle a switch, after all, this is where guests and family have their meals, and the right placements will have guests ooh-ing and ahh-ing during meals.

A non-formal setting like the home does not require napkins with intricate patterns and designs, although they can be gotten if so desired. Napkins featuring designs and simple patterns that convey warmth and homeliness during family breakfasts and lunches are intimate and tasteful, and better suited.

One thing to keep in mind when getting a new napkin set is the prevalent style or décor of the home or dining environment. A placemat that complements its environment is one that enhances the overall aesthetics of the dining table.

Adorn your dining with napkins from our collection which features placemats and napkins that are the perfect blend of luxury and simplicity to enhance intimate regular family meals.

The Newspaper Napkin Set

MY DRAP • Cotton Napkins

Our Newspaper napkin set features a stylish newspaper design that brings back nostalgia for the traditional family setting where father reads the paper at the dining table in the mornings. But don’t be fooled by that as this simple but luxurious napkin set can be used at all hours of the day and more non-traditional settings. It comes as a re-usable set and is great for casual dining.

This set is also ideal for penthouses, luxury and high-rise apartments, and homes with a modern style or a minimalist décor.

The White Plaid Napkin Set

This plaid design with a white background screams age-old dining with a hint of the outdoors and is fantastic for the more traditional wooden dining table. Its color pattern also hints at the growth of plants and nature during spring. Its simplicity is one that enhances the aesthetics of the table without drawing attention away from the reason for dining…the food.

This set is ideal for the real salt-of-the-earth homes like farmhouses and homes with a traditional style or a mid-century modern décor.

The Sunny Days Set

This set features golden and navy-blue lines and patterns against a cream background. It also has a contemporary feel and would be suitable for wooden or composite dining tables and settings. This placemat and napkin set can be used for large family dinners or brunches. The Sunny days set is suitable for both modern and traditional styles.

Picking out new dining placemats and napkins just got a whole lot easier. Our collection features sets that fit various styles or décor and makes for an interesting dining experience even in the smallest or most intimate of settings.