“The detail that makes the difference”

A Unique Textile Concept for the Hospitality Industry

As the hospitality industry shifts more and more to eco-friendly solutions, are we making sure not to compromise on quality? 

Prior to the MY DRAP launch in 2008, the options for linens, be it a coaster, cocktail, dinner napkin, etc were very limited. Launder your napkins or use paper. With MY DRAP single-use products, it is now possible to have the high-quality linens, end the need for laundry, and above all, increase in overall efficiency.

You may have already seen our MY DRAP napkins in North America and in any of the top hotel/ restaurant brand worldwide. Such as the Four Seasons, Fairmont, The Ritz, Sofitel, Westin, The Wellesley, Sheraton, Shangri-la, Momofuku by Chef David Chang, The Waldorf Astoria, Le Royal Monceau Raffles Paris, La Reserve Paris etc. 

MY DRAP • Cotton Napkins

Our Company Pillars

INNOVATION: More than 100 years of inventing, perfecting, advancing. And we continue. 

QUALITY: Our excellence product and service are our raison d’être. 

SUSTAINABILITY: We value natural resources and respect the environment.

Our Customers

MY DRAP is for the hotelier, and host, who’s guest experience is second to none, who obsesses over details, who is always searching the globe for the next hospitality innovation that will improve his guest’s experience. Who does not settle for the status quo.

Our hoteliers care about the environment and their communities. They respect nature, and everything it gives us,

and go out of their way to keep it clean.

MY DRAP’S 100% cotton and linen offer a luxury experience like no other! Our single-use, compostable linens are available in a pre-fold and provide unmatched convenience and savings, all while absolutely upgrading the customer experience.

MY DRAP • Cotton Napkins

Cocktail Napkin

Their versatile size and a wide range of and fabrics make these single-use coasters and serviettes perfect for any type of catering events such as coffee breaks and cocktails.

Customer testimonial

“MY DRAP coasters add an unparalleled element of luxury to our bar experience and often become a conversation piece among guests.”

– Jennifer Belanger, One Restaurant by Chef Mark McEwan

Dinner Napkin

With different sizes and folding possibilities, these single-use dinner napkins are available for personalization for any type of business or event with a more formal theme. The high-quality fabric whether in 100% cotton dinner napkin, recycled cotton cocktail napkin or linen placemat makes them a premium product while adding value to every place where they are found.

Customer testimonial

“We have been using this product – MY DRAP Dinner Napkins – for a few months now. MY DRAP has exceeded all of our expectations. Customers are very satisfied with the napkin quality, while the pre-folded napkins make it easier and faster for employees to serve our customers. The Napkins offer cost savings and improved efficiency – eliminating laundry. The quality of the cotton and the precise printing make it a truly unique, high-end product.”

Gontran H. Giguère, Hotel Le Bonne Entente

Every Napkin Becomes a Brand Ambassador

MY DRAP ensures your brand is beautifully showcased on every social media post which your customers are already posting! Ensuring your team gets the credit they deserve.

Together we can create whatever you can imagine. Thanks to our unique and patented technology and responsive service, the products are designed according to our client’s exact wants and are available in a pre-cut, rolled, flat packed or folded format.

MY DRAP fabrics

Our Factory

  • Fourth generation family owned company
  • Over 100 years of creating innovative cotton solutions
  • Located on the foothills of Barcelona, Spain
  • Using every precaution to better our environment
  • Priding ourselves in customer service

For more information about our hospitality line, please send a contact form and we will get back to you shortly.