Summertime – Easy and Lighthearted Decorating

“Summertime and the livin’ are easy… fish are jumpin’ and the cotton is high ….”. The words of famous singer Ella Fitzgerald croons, Summer is here! Relax.  Let the sun seep into your bones and make you happy. Here

MY DRAP • Cotton Napkins

Summertime no fuss decorating

We want to enjoy entertaining our guests yet still be relaxed. Summertime is never long enough so we want to enjoy every minute of it! We want to make all our guests feel special and welcomed. How can you do so in an easy fun way? Decorate with ideas from nature, that always works!

MY DRAP • Cotton Napkins

 Summertime nature decorating   

Get your decor ideas from natures summertime weather and green leaves, easy breezy times. Like the greens of the trees and blues of the skies and water. Use overlays of napkin and placemats to bring these emotions out. Or use stark fresh whites with pops of color, cheerful reds, and pinks, that evoke happy reminders of summertime flowers.

Get even more inspiration from the great outdoors:

-Like whimsical foliage on your napkins tied with a rattan string.

-Use some pieces of tree bark to hold up your guest card. THE IDEAS ARE ENDLESS!

You can even ask a child for some ideas and you will be astounded at their fresh creativity. Getting children involved in decor gives them a conversation starter when the guests arrive,  they can proudly tell them how they were involved.

Different size napkins like different sized summertime flowers

We suggest that you use large size dinner napkins that would look lovely on the table. Fold the napkins so it hangs down a little off the table to look like an overhanging flower, its the latest classy look. Later your guests will be grateful to place it on their lap and enjoy the delicious menu without worrying about their clothes … and you can add a smaller napkin in a contrasting color under a drinking glass for a fun surprising pop and for practical use. Folding napkins in beautiful origami way, to make different flowers, is another way to make the table look happy and elegant.

Using summertime fruit and veggies for decor 

MY DRAP • Cotton Napkins

Fruits and vegetables also add some lovely color during the summertime to make a table setting a little different and still beautiful:

-You can carve out a cabbage, add a little floral foam inside or a small vase and fill with water, then place your flowers inside for a fun take. Use green and purple napkins to accent alongside each plate.

-Add lemons and limes to your clear glass flower vase for a beautiful visual and use happy lemon and lime colored napkins, to bring out the colors and coordinate, overlay them for a cheerful look.

Evening Summer outdoor diningAlfresco, Italian for Fresh and usually means eating in the fresh outdoors. Evening dining outdoors can make us all feel happy and relaxed especially if we set the table with beautiful candles. We’d also suggest a warmer peach napkin to complete that elegant warm look … Place single vases along the length of the table with just a flower or two in each, then group different size candles in a huddle of threes, sometimes using candles holders and other times candlesticks for a beautiful warm romantic glow and no harsh electric lights needed!

“Wine gladdens the heart of man,” says the great Psalms 

MY DRAP • Cotton Napkins

Pour a little sangria for a more casual party or champagne for a more formal affair and your party will be a success. Don’t forget the most important ingredient to it though, a relaxed and happy host who decorated and organized the evening in a fun summertime-and-the- livin’ is easy, way.

Sangria: Our favorite simple recipe is: take berries and orange slices in a pitcher… add little brown sugar and mix until the syrup of the fruit oozes out a little, then add some lovely red or white wine and a cinnamon stick if you would like. Allow to sit in the fridge for an hour and serve this deliciousness for some heart-gladdening.

Music recommendations… Louis Armstrong and Ella Fitzgerald are my latest ways to relax and feel an era when life was less stressful .. try it and see if it works for you too.