March means that the cold is (hopefully) beginning to dissipate, making way for Springtime and all its glory. This can also mean a time to throw a party to remember! With Spring holidays such as Easter and Passover on the horizon, we have put together some tried and tested tips to make your next party a memorable one, no matter the occasion!

Before harping on the details, start with the basics


What is the date? How many guests will be there? What is the location? What type of party will it be? What is your budget? Is there going to be music or entertainment? Organization is key when planning an event to remember. Be sure to sit down with yourself or an event planner and write down the answers to these questions.


Also, be sure to decide on a theme that is suitable to the occasion in question. This will give you a basic blueprint on your color story, table settings, menu, music, etc. Remember: staying on-brand with the specific theme of your event is key to making it a memorable one for your guests. 

Location, location, location!


Space is super important. If guests are standing, an average-sized room can typically accommodate 30 people, a three-room expansive about 60. Consider renting a place or equipment if your home isn’t equipped to handle the kind of party you want. It doesn’t have to be a banquet hall or rec room either- get creative and rent out a warehouse, art gallery, or the backyard of a chic villa for some extra flair.

Dinner or cocktail party?


Your reason for throwing the party will determine the date and size. The location, budget, and equipment all determine the type of party you wanna have. If you want to opt for something more low-maintenance than a multi-course dinner party, consider a cocktail party; an option that is less expensive and more versatile. Serve a variety of cocktails and amuse-bouches to your guests. If you want to feed your guests a full meal without breaking out the fancy china and silverware, buffets are a great option and can be tailored to the size of your party and your budget.


For a dinner party, explore MY DRAP’s selection of luncheon napkins and find a color or pattern that suits your theme. You can also explore a variety of MY DRAP cocktail napkins that will perfectly accompany cocktail party drinks and nibbles.

Money, money, money


Above all else, do take your budget into consideration. Consider liquor, food, rentals, service, music or entertainment, and flowers or decorations to establish your initial budget. Keep in mind that alcohol adds a major expense. 


Don’t hesitate to be inventive about ways to keep your budget down. For instance, instead of a fully-stocked bar, consider serving a signature drink. Instead of serving expensive cuts of meat, opt for a Mexican buffet or salad bar.



Music can definitely set the mood and make or break a party. Be sure to match your musical selection to your budget and style. For a simpler soiree, break out the Spotify playlist and portable speakers. For more grandiose events, a live band definitely adds a certain ambience to a celebration. Student musicians are a good source for quality and affordable entertainment. For dance music, scope out your neighborhood swing or latin music group, or rent a DJ for the night. Music is a great way to liven up your party!

Putting together the final product


Once you have the basic framework of time, place, and style sorted, it’s time to use this information in order to figure out the details. The type of party will dictate the equipment, and the season or occasion can inspire the menu. Your budget will indicate the size, venue, food (caterer or homemade?), as well as the type of entertainment you’d want to use. Outside of the logistics, be creative and make sure it’s a party you yourself would want to attend!