Spring is a time for renewal, fragrant blossoms, and an opportunity to flex our hosting muscles! With Spring and Summer events in full swing, now is a great time to take hosting and entertaining to the next level!


 We sat down with hosting extraordinaire Amanda Orso. Known on Instagram as The High-Low Hostess, Amands wows her followers with the most stunning themed tablescapes, along with hosting tips that are quick and inexpensive, yet breathtaking. 


We discussed how she got started, what inspires her, as well as how MY DRAP is helping her stay on top of her hosting game!

 What makes her passionate about hosting


For the past 15 years, Amanda and her husband have been entertaining guests in sought-after locales such as Long Island, Nassau County, and the Hamptons. Every Summer weekend, guests flock to their home in search of good company, good food, and stunning table displays.


Amanda’s work in research at a private investigation firm left her in need of a creative outlet. Setting her table became just that. She later moved onto event styling for other peoples’ homes, but maintained her weekend ritual of hosting anywhere between 15-30 guests every Summer weekend. As a result, her home has been a revolving door of eclectic characters. 


This passion for hosting soon gave way to a blog and a lovely Instagram page – a place where she can share valuable and affordable hosting tips with her devoted followers.

How The High-Low Hostess was born


One friend once remarked to Amanda how expensive and time-consuming it must be to host so often, along with offering such a diverse range of table displays. In reality, Amanda was using a lot of inexpensive items that took little time to spin into stunning tablescapes. It was then that she was dubbed the “High-Low Hostess” – a name quite fitting for someone who skillfully combines both luxurious and affordable pieces (the high and the low-end), to create stunning tablescapes that are quick and inexpensive!

Her passion for MY DRAP


MY DRAP’s extensive collection of colors and prints, along with the ease and convenience of a perforated roll, makes it an absolute asset to every tablescape Amanda creates. Not only does she use them frequently when hosting, she also loves slipping a MY DRAP roll into every picnic basket, swag bag or gift basket she puts together. Yes, besides her stunning tablescapes, Amanda is also a gift-giver extraordinnaire. If she’s hosting guests for the weekend, she loves to give them a swag bag for an easy breakfast the next day, which is bound to feature a MY DRAP roll or two.


“It’s something disposable, yet it feels like a cotton napkin,” she gushes. “Nobody necessarily needs linen napkins, or has the patience to wash them, but these are quick, easy, and always well received.” The functional elegance of a MY DRAP napkin speaks to Amanda’s personal brand- a budget-friendly and quick addition to the dinner table that doesn’t forego the elegance and style we so crave day to day.

MY DRAP’s various applications for hosting


Amanda’s ethos is that setting a beautiful table shouldn’t be difficult or expensive. 


“I’m a New Yorker. When you’re living in the city, storage is a premium. MY DRAP rolls can be stored in a drawer and taken out at a moment’s notice for easy entertaining. The combination of something that is simple and beautiful, yet quick and fuss-free, is a winner in my books.”


Everybody Amanda knows is busy, including herself. Therefore, the idea of taking a lot of time to put something together isn’t always practical- the goal is to create tablescapes that are sophisticated and elegant, yet take little time and money to throw together. 


Amanda always keeps the Picnic Gingham and Gold Splash collections in her drawer, which can be interchanged depending on whether her soiree is casual and outdoorsy, or more elegant for the evening time.  


Her go-to hosting tip? “If I don’t have a cotton or linen table runner on-hand, I typically use an entire MY DRAP roll as a runner instead of putting down individual placemats.” 

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