Memorial Day Weekend is right around the corner, which hopefully means soaking up the late May sun and firing up that old barbecue! We bring you nine ways to make your Memorial Day weekend celebration fun and memorable, with minimal hassle and maximum impressiveness.

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1. Host a BBQ!


A good outdoor BBQ can never be overdone, because people always love to schmooze and eat. Plus, it requires minimal planning and is always a great time! 


To start, prepare an assortment of skewers, consisting of various meats and vegetables. These are easy to prepare ahead of time and always look appetizing. Then, throw in whatever sides you’d like to serve: classic potato salad, cornbread, coleslaw, and don’t forget your condiments! Top it all off with a patriotic dessert, such as “American Flag” fruit kebabs with strawberries, bananas, and blueberries.


Get your red, white, and blue on with some patriotic plates, cups, and utensils. To really elevate the occasion, serve your delicious food with our MY DRAP luncheon napkins. Sturdy, disposable, and perfect for the occasion, there are plenty of Memorial day-approved colors and designs to choose from! Our Picnic Gingham Red, Lipstick Red, Cream Cotton, White and Blue Cotton, and Royal Blue Cotton napkins are giving us some serious Memorial Day weekend inspo! 

2. Hot dog and burger bar, anyone?


This takes all the fuss out of serving your guests: why not spin it into a fun way where guests can serve themselves? Besides, who doesn’t love a good buffet?


Set up stations for your buns, meat, and all the fixings – lettuce, tomatoes, onions, pickles, jalapeños – you name it! Check in with your guests and see if anyone is vegetarian or vegan – if so, veggie burgers and hot dogs would be a nice option. Then set up your condiments, sides, cold drinks, and voila! An assembly line of deliciousness. Chances are, your local craft store also carries paper trays for easy serving. 

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3. Patriotic Desserts


There are so many ways to implement red, white, and blue into your Memorial Day weekend sweet treats. Bake a layered red, white, and blue cake with strawberry filling, or frost some cupcakes in patriotic colors and arrange them to resemble the American flag. 

If it’s an extra hot day, shaved ice, ice cream, or popsicles can be arranged in order of red, white, and blue flavours. The classic Firecracker popsicles are a no-fuss option and look super patriotic! Don’t forget to prevent messes and serve your desserts with a reliable and beautiful MY DRAP Cocktail Napkin!

4. Serve up some festive drinks!  


Raise a glass this Memorial Day weekend to all the brave soldiers who fought for America’s freedom. Layered red, white, and blue cocktails, or some festive mixers to colour your drinks, are a fun addition. Check out these recipes here. Or keep it simple and serve some classic, all-American beers, such as Budweiser and Coors. Don’t forget the red, white and blue MY DRAP Cocktail napkins!

5. Get your guests dancing with the perfect patriotic playlist!

For a Memorial Day party, you’ll want a collection of the most all-American songs, like “Born in the USA,” any of “The Star Spangled Banner” renditions, “American Pie,” and “Party in the U.S.A.” You can also pay tribute by playing popular wartime songs, like the ones on this World War II list.

6. Don’t forget to decorate!


A patriotic party requires some patriotic decor! Some ideas include: American flags (any adjustable flags should be flown at half-mast out of respect); banners; pinwheels; candles; flowers; red, white, and blue balloons and streamers! Make the decorating process into a fun event if its own that will get the kids involved!


7. Book a special venue for the day or weekend!


If your own backyard is lacking space, you can always rent a gorgeous backyard patio off of Airbnb or Peerspace. Some venues offer catering, fire pits, grills, and pools too! Just check off the amenities you are looking for under “Filters,” and you’ll have a list of perfect places to choose from in your area.


8. Give back this Memorial Day Weekend


Use your party as an opportunity for guests to give back – after all, that’s what Memorial Day is all about! Give back to veterans or families of fallen soldiers by hosting a fundraiser in your neighbourhood. Add a fundraising element to your party, such as a bake sale or a car wash. 


For something more upscale, rally your community and see if you can get sponsorships for catering or bar services. Have everyone contribute a donation to pay for their “ticket” to attend your party. This will make your Memorial Day Weekend celebration both fun and meaningful!

9. Throw in some games, and you’re set!


Games are a perfect way to keep everyone entertained, especially with kids around! Cards, balls, rackets, and even board games at sundown when everyone is tuckered out, are a welcome addition. If you’re renting a venue for Memorial Day weekend, you may even be able to find a place with a pool table, ping-pong table, or foosball table, so the games will be included!