In a world riddled with heavy consumerism and a vast overexploitation of resources, it comes as no surprise that sustainability is a core value to many. Implementing sustainable practices into our day to day lives is more crucial than ever. 


MY DRAP’s commitment to sustainability is enduring. With a wide range of products made from recycled cotton, as well as the product itself being 100% compostable and reusable, it is no surprise that sustainability is our key ethos. 


That’s why MY DRAP is proud to introduce their new Summer Collection, which draws its inspiration from our beautiful planet. Earthy tones and the escapism offered by Mother Nature pervades each stitch. Create the dreamiest tablescapes with 100% cotton, recycled cotton, and linen napkins inspired by the hues that make up our natural world.

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Texia + The Better Cotton Initiative


Texia, the gorgeous, Barcelona-based textile factory that lovingly produces each MY DRAP napkin, has proudly joined the Better Cotton Initiative. BCI’s aim is to to improve the cultivation of cotton on a global scale, guaranteeing a better future for the environment and the textile sector overall.


The aim of this international initiative is to encourage more sustainable practices in cotton cultivation on environmental, social, and economic levels. The BCI works with the countries that produce cotton, training people involved in the cotton cultivation process in each country of origin. 


These sustainable practices include more efficient use of water, as well as the reduction of chemicals and pesticides in cotton farming. There is also a more social element to this initiative: defending the rights and improving the quality of life and economic development of cotton farmers and their employees.

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Something for everyone


Every colorway in this collection is inspired by an element of nature. A celebration of the beauty of our natural world. An important reminder to preserve our planet and not take even the smallest details for granted. 


Our Recycled Sand range is a gorgeous earthy neutral, inspired by epic sand dunes in faraway lands. Our Dusty Pink Collection adds a gorgeous pop of color and is inspired by the brilliantly colored coral reefs that make up the ocean’s ecosystem. Eucalyptus Green whispers of lush fields, while Recycled Taupe pays homage to the trees that keep our air clean. Anthracite Gray is a nod to the vast coal mines that power our earth, while Petrol Blue speaks to the grand geological formations on our planet, formed over millions of years. Every color in the collection helps paint a picture of our beautiful earth.


How MY DRAP helps you be more sustainable


By choosing MY DRAP, you can rest easy knowing that you’re purchasing a sustainable product made in a factory that prides itself on sustainable practices. Each napkin is 100% biodegradable, and can be washed and reused up to six times. 


Our factory in Barcelona uses only the most sustainable practices when crafting their high-quality textiles. We recycle all of our heat, water, and electricity during the manufacturing process, Selling 20% of the electricity back to the city every year. An on-site water filtration system has brought the local dying river back to life; these are just some of the initiatives we take to better our tomorrow.


The result is a napkin that fuses sustainability, functionality, quality, and style. Because you shouldn’t have to compromise.


We hope this collection allows you to bring the beautiful elements of the outside world into your home. Whether it’s celebrating milestones with loved ones, or just adding pops of functional elegance into your day to day life, MY DRAP wants to be a part of each moment.

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