We all love a good Summer picnic. What we don’t love? Getting to our beautiful location, surrounded by great company, only to discover that we didn’t pack everything we needed for a stress-free picnic. 


Nobody wants to be left stranded without a well-packed picnic basket (especially if the nearest Target is about an hour away from the beautifully remote location we chose). That’s why, in celebration of the upcoming picnic season, we bring you some top tips for a well-packed picnic basket. That way, you can show up as the ultimate picnic hero for your friends and family, time and time again.


1. Garbage Bags


We know; not the most glamorous way to start our countdown, but super necessary nonetheless. Trash bags are something you don’t think about until you need it, so make sure it’s the first thing you pack! Even if there are garbage cans around, they save you the pain of having to go back and forth in order to throw everything away. Just one or two trips and you’re done!

2. Cutting Board


Opt for a lightweight board that will be a perfect showcase for any aperitifs, meats, cheeses, or fruits you will be serving. Also great if you plan on slicing any fruits, veggies, or sandwiches!


3. Folding Knife


An absolute essential in your picnic toolkit; you’ll never know what will need slicing, dicing, or opening.

4. Serving Spoon


Cutlery is obviously important, but make sure you don’t forget larger spoons for serving salad or other dishes.


5. Cotton, Single-use napkins


Swap your bulky and flimsy paper napkins for a MY DRAP roll. These napkins are lightweight, but get the job done, as they are made from a super durable 100% recycled cotton. They come packaged in a perforated roll, so you will have plenty of room in your picnic basket for even more goodies. Plus, they are both single-use and fully compostable – this means easy clean-up, at no cost to our beautiful planet. It also doesn’t hurt that they’re beautiful – a great way to truly elevate your picnic experience.

Shop our beautiful selection of luncheon rolls, including our Picnic Gingham Red Collection: a coveted choice for the Summer season!

6. Serving Tray


You won’t regret packing a lightweight plastic or enamel tray – this will create a smooth surface and ensure none of your drinks topple over.

7. Salt and Pepper Shakers


Seasoning goes a long way – make sure you have some basic condiments on hand, especially since everyone has different seasoning preferences. Your fellow picnic-goers will appreciate you!

8. Wet Wipes


Pre-moistened wipes make for easy and efficient clean up. You never know what kind of sticky messes you will encounter in the middle of your picnic; especially if there’s no running water nearby.

9. Bottle Opener/Corkscrew


A must if you’re packing bottles of wine, beer, or soda. Also, make sure the cups you pack have sturdy, flat bottoms, to prevent spills and blowing away.

vermut & tapas

10. Frozen Bottles of Water


The number 1 picnic rule is to keep hot foods hot and cold foods cold. Ice packs work great, but if you want to pack one less thing into your basket, frozen water bottles do double duty: they keep your cold foods cold, and once they melt, you will have cold drinks on-hand for everyone!