Halloween decorations certainly don’t have to be gaudy or tired; at least, not in our books! This spooky season, why not start with spicing up your napkins? We have found 10, easy ways you can use your MY DRAP napkins to spook and impress your guests this Halloween.

1) Learn how to fold a bat napkin this Halloween!


This fun and easy tutorial can be attempted with our Black Cotton Dinner napkins. Certainly an elegant way to do a Halloween tablescape!


2) Make boo-tiful Ghost Face Napkins!


This easy to follow video tutorial shows you how to fold a napkin to make it look like a ghost. Perfect for our Cream Dinner Napkins or placemats!

3) Or whip up these DIY napkin ghosts for the perfect spooky centrepiece!


You can find the video tutorial HERE.

4) You can also try this origami-inspired Ghost Napkin Fold!


If you’re feeling a bit adventurous, use our Cream Luncheon Napkins to create these adorably spooky origami ghosts!


5) How about some spider napkin rings?


Surely the creepiest, crawliest garnish for your MY DRAP napkins! Follow this easy and fun tutorial which is sure to impress your guests (if they don’t scream and run away first). 

6) Try this adorable pumpkin napkin fold!


Halloween isn’t just for the spooky stuff. This video tutorial teaches you how to fold your Orange Cotton Placemats into adorable fabric napkins your guests will love!  

7) Make it a very witchy Halloween


This easy-to-follow tutorial will transform your ordinary napkins into witch’s hats – a perfect touch to your Halloween table setting.

8) Master the Skeleton Bed Napkin Fold


The perfect Halloween napkin fold for your table, this decor piece comes together in a few easy steps! Follow the tutorial here.


9) Count Dracula Fold to unleash your inner vampire


Combining napkin folding with a bit of crafting, this tutorial is sure to scare and impress your guests.

10) Introducing…the Turkey Fantail Napkin Fold!


With Thanksgiving riding the coattails of Halloween (no pun intended), we have decided to throw in a Thanksgiving-inspired folding tutorial as well. Pairs perfectly with our Green Tartan Cotton Dinner Napkins. Gobble gobble!