At this point, we probably sound like a broken record when we declare that sustainability is our number one value. Of course, here at MY DRAP, we don’t just talk the talk; we also walk the walk. 


Our commitment to sustainability begins in the cotton field, and is funneled down to our beautiful factory in Barcelona, Spain, where our napkins are produced. How do we maintain the most sustainable manufacturing standards, while creating a high quality napkin that is both good for your table and the planet? Keep reading to find out!

factory and surrounding mountains

Our Factory

Since 1917, our textile factory has been at the forefront of industrial innovation in Barcelona. This beloved factory is proof that one can innovate and expand while respecting and conserving the environment’s finite resources.


For starters, we only consume energy certified by CNMC as 100% green, and we’ve installed a cogeneration plant that uses only hot water and steam. 


We’re constantly studying our products’ carbon footprint. We are diligent about carrying out annual reviews of our emission sources, and clean our wastewater regularly at our own treatment plant, using physiochemical and biological treatments. This is then followed by a second treatment in a municipal wastewater treatment plant. 


We use water from local wells and carry out regular water quality controls. Our water is so clean that we were single-handedly able to revive a local population of fish by cleaning and redepositing the water into the river right by our factory! 


That being said, we’re always improving the sorting, recycling and recovery of our waste. Our facilities comply with all European environmental regulations; something we take great pride in. 

MY DRAP fabrics

Our Materials

As members of the BCI (Better Cotton Initiative), we are committed to improving global cotton production both for the farmers who produce it, and for the environment it grows in, in order to create a better future for the sector.


This is why we use 100% natural raw materials that are not only of the highest quality, but are also socially and environmentally responsible. This makes our napkin products 100% biodegradable!


Our napkins are manufactured with our Texia-patented seamless technology. Having no seams means one fewer link in our production chain. This reduces energy use, saving on time, transport, labor, and using fewer raw materials. In fact, we have removed approximately 30% of the materials used for our seams, in comparison with our competitors.


Our thread and weaving suppliers also hold multiple environmental certifications, all which can be referenced in the infographic below:

textile certifications

The Circular Economy


MY DRAP is currently working on implementing circular processes throughout our products’ life cycles, following principles of the circular economy.


For example, in the case of MY DRAP products for airlines, we’re establishing a system under which products are returned to us, refinished and returned to our clients. This is one of the many ways in which we are constantly innovating our sustainability production standards.

MY DRAP Factory

We Are Committed To Fulfilling Legal Requirements And Standards


We have an online system in place through which we can ensure legal compliance on environmental matters, as well as industrial safety and occupational risk prevention.


We have set out a Sustainability Plan for 2021-2025, with continuous improvement targets and measures that comply with the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals. We have the most restrictive state environmental license and every two years we carry out a full environmental inspection.

MY DRAP commitment to sustainability

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