Pistachio Gingham Coton Serviettes de table 20 Unites

Pistachio Gingham Coton Serviettes de table 20 Unites
MY DRAP Serviettes de table 20x20cm – ( 20 Per Roll, Coton Pistachio Gingham )


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Color: Pistachio Gingham
Fabric: Cotton

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    • MYDRAP

    My Drap Is A Life Changer

    Noté 5 sur 5
    24 juin 2021

    My Drap placemats and napkins are a life changer! It allows one to present beautiful casual or formal table settings with complete ease. It also provides protection for heirloom linens and treasured placemats. It is no longer necessary to spend hours ironing and prepping linens before setting your table. These placement and napkins tear off a perforated roll in pristine condition. The quality of the linen is gorgeous and the cost appears to be equal to good quality paper products. In addition it is the perfect house gift. I am a great fan!!!!!

    B. Rose

    Five Stars

    Noté 5 sur 5
    28 septembre 2015

    We used these for a barbecue in place of paper towels. Classier to be sure.


    The thickness was good and the color was as shown

    Noté 5 sur 5
    21 mars 2015

    Used it as part of the decor for a baby shower….The thickness was good and the color was as shown.


    A great option to paper napkins!

    Noté 5 sur 5
    19 janvier 2013

    I was so pleased to order these washable luncheon napkins in order to save paper and all my friends are impressed by the old-fashioned mentality of reusing a napkin. The quality of the product is really nice. I do wish they offered the dinner napkins in the gingham fabrics as well. I highly recommend this product.


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