MY DRAP • Cotton Napkins

At MY DRAP, we know a thing or two about elevating your events through the smallest details. If you’ve read our blog about our experience at Engage NOLA this past June, you would also know that we are huge fans of Engage- an immersive event experience that brings together the most talented event vendors from across the country. So when the wonderful team at Engage Summits wanted to partner with us for their 3-day conference in the beautiful desert of Marana, Arizona, we jumped at the opportunity. 

Engage was an incredible opportunity to make lifelong connections and learn from the best the events industry has to offer. Our mission is to bring these hosting tips to your next event! Read on to discover our key Engage takeaways for elevating your events in 2023.

Think Outside The Box!

Besides supplying our signature custom cocktail napkins, which were a hit at various points throughout Engage, we also decided to switch it up and demonstrate the many applications of our custom napkin program for the events and hospitality industries. 

The perfect setting for this desert fantasy was the incredible Ritz Carlton Dove Mountain. Every single attendee entered their rooms, only to discover a custom turndown matt with their names on it (featuring a chocolate or two). The ultimate pampering experience! 

Our napkins aren’t just relegated to the table or bar. You can get super creative with how you customize them. If you’re hosting friends or relatives for the week, make them feel special by customizing luncheon napkins with their name and leaving it in their room with some toiletries or goodies. Or, surprise them with a personalized hand towel in the bathroom. Shop our custom selection if you want to elevate your next event or guest stay. If you want to discover some other unique ways to customize your MY DRAP products, read our previous blog post!

Put your Personal Brand on Everything!

Don’t be afraid to get granular with customizing every facet of your event – after all, a little bit of attention to detail goes a long way! 

Engage Dove Mountain thought of every single detail when it came to their branding being front and centre – from the creative signage, down to the sandwich wrappers! Take risks with your design elements, and give your guests something they will remember forever!

Color Coordination is KEY

At Engage AZ, color palettes were king. Every event’s mood and ambience was determined by the color story, from bright floral arrangements during sunny day activities, to decadent blacks and golds for evening galas. The colors you choose to present front and centre tell a story about your event. Ask yourself: what is the mood I want to convey? Is my event fun and full of dancing, or a more demure cocktail party? Ensure you’re telling the right one, depending on the theme, location, and messaging of your event.

Guests love stations!

MY DRAP • Cotton Napkins

Even during events that involved a sit-down meal, there was always the option of a drink or food station for guests to congregate around. Of course there were the usual bars, consisting of ornate, insanely instagrammable, and drool-worthy cocktails, but there were also dessert stations galore. Our favorite by far was a hot chocolate bar for a particularly chilly evening under the stars, and a detox tonic bar – the perfect pick me up after a long night of partying. 

The great thing about a food or drink cart, is it encourages your guests to get out of their seats, schmooze, and socialize. Your guests will go anywhere the food or nosh is, so make it a great opportunity to create social connections!

The keyword here is creativity: the main ingredient for elevating your events this year!

Get the party going!

Nothing brings people together like food….and music! Get your guests moving and grooving with live music or a DJ. Engage AZ was filled with incredibly talented performers, who covered hits both old and new, keeping people entertained and dancing all night long. Elevating your events means making music and dancing the highlight of your event. Can’t afford a live band? Keep things simple with a Bluetooth speaker and a banging Spotify playlist!